Getting Started

User Experience Overview

Here’s a walkthrough of MultiBit’s current product, showcasing our seamless BRC20 bridging experience. We’ve also been developing new features and capabilities, with exciting updates coming soon, stay tuned


Users can connect a variety of wallets powered by WalletConnect:

Choose Networks:

Users can choose which EVM network they want the BRC20 asset to be bridged to, MultiBit currently supports Ethereum Mainnet and BNB Chain.

BRC20 Bridging to EVM:

1. We’ll provide you with a unique BRC-20 deposit address. Please access your BTC wallet and select the specific quantity of assets you’d like to transfer cross-chain.

2. After you’ve completed the transfer, return to your account to verify the status of your deposit. Upon successful confirmation, you’ll be able to generate your cross-chain ERC-20 assets.

Bridging ERC20 to Bitcoin:

Specify the quantity you wish to withdraw and provide the BRC-20 receiving address where you’d like to receive the BRC20 assets back from EVM networks.

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