Merging Value with Versatility
Multibit envisions leading the vanguard in cross-chain transfers across the blockchain universe. We are dedicated to ceaseless innovation and technological enhancements, all with the primary goal of providing a secure, efficient, and seamless cross-chain transfer experience for users.
Our ambition extends to empower BRC20 holders, unshackling the latent liquidity of these tokens and expanding their potential trading scenarios. In doing so, we aim to also provide substantial liquidity to other BRC20-related protocols.
But our vision transcends mere transactions. We aspire to be a driving force in the development and interoperability of the expansive blockchain ecosystem. By connecting previously disparate chains, we foresee a future where fluid cross-chain interactions are not just possible but the norm, propelling the entire blockchain sphere towards greater growth and innovation.


Our vision is based on three core principles:
  • Security
  • User Experience
  • Scalability
These pillars shape our perspective on how multi-chain user experiences ought to evolve. We aspire for a future where not only can data move securely and freely between blockchains, but where users and developers can engage with and build applications without feeling constrained by a specific blockchain.
We foresee an energetic ecosystem of user-centric applications that can share state across any blockchain, without concerns over security breaches, complicated UX, or fragmented liquidity.


Security is a paramount concern for cross-chain applications. Therefore, Multibit places security at the heart of its design philosophy. We validate cross-chain transactions through a robust verification system where off-chain entities work together to identify and report fraudulent transactions during a specified window.
Like in traditional consensus schemes, as the number of validators (N) increases, the cost to attack the network becomes prohibitively expensive. We acknowledge the risks associated with cross-chain protocols, demonstrated by high-profile bridge hacks, but remain unwavering in our commitment to security, as the future is inevitably multi-chain.

User Experience

At Multibit, we design with one core principle in mind: create solutions that users truly want.
Our user experience obsession is evident in our Multibit Bridge, a reliable tool for seamless cross-chain token transfer. We've incorporated features to make it safer and easier for users to bridge BRC20 tokens cross chains. Additionally, we’re committed to facilitating developers who wish to leverage Multibit to create novel cross-chain experiences.
We foresee a future where the underlying blockchain is fully abstracted, allowing transactions to occur smoothly and securely.


The current landscape of blockchain interoperability is fragmented and challenging to navigate given the myriad of new blockchains with their individual states. Multibit is designed to obliterate these interoperability barriers between BRC20 and Ethereum ecosystem tokens.
We envision a future where developers can seamlessly integrate the Multibit protocol.
At Multibit, our ultimate aspiration is to be the trusted bridge that connects the multi-chain world, and our BRC20 to ERC20 solution is a significant stride towards this goal.