👨‍🌾Ordinals Farming

Multibit offers Farming Ordinals ($ORDI), an exciting opportunity for the BRC community to earn additional $ORDI tokens by providing liquidity or staking preferred tokens in selected pools, to facilitate transactions by providing liquidity. The farming process allows participants to contribute to the liquidity of the $ORDI ecosystem while being rewarded for their contribution.

How Does Farming Ordinals Work?

Liquidity Farming

Liquidity farming involves providing liquidity to Ordinals liquidity pools (DEX) or automated market maker (AMM). By adding $ORDI tokens and another compatible token (e.g., ETH or stablecoins) to a liquidity pool, Multibit enables trading pairs and enhance the overall liquidity of the $ORDI token.


Staking allows users to lock their $MUBI tokens in a designated staking pool. By doing so, participants contribute to the network's security and stability while earning additional $ORDI tokens as rewards.

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